Share Internet Connection via Virtual Access Point in Windows 7

Before we start, make sure you’re not using Windows 7 Starter, because it is not supported to use ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) Service that allowed you to share your Internet Access from your Internet Devices (mobile broadband, dial up, or other Internet gateway).

Ok, for the Internet Connection i’m using Mobile Broadband (Smartfren) and I want share the Internet Access to my Android Device or Another Laptop. You can use tools like Connectify, or something else but i prefer to use Command Prompt (avoid installing to much software on my laptop) cause it works the same.

Open your cmd (make sure to run it as administrator).

open cmd

open cmd

For the first time use only, enter this script

netsh wlan set hostednetwork ssid=thenamewillappear key=1234abc

SSID is the public name of a wireless network. Key is the passphrase for connecting to the network. Make sure your key is a 8 to 63 Characters.

The virtual accesspoint is set, what you need to do is start it.

netsh wlan start hostednetwork

And it’s started.

New Access Point

New Access Point

@luthfihariz is my ssid, and also my twitter account 😀

Note : for the next use, you only have to start the hostednetwork, no need to set it.

But it’s still say no internet access, why ? Because you haven’t share the Internet Connection, what you already do is create Virtual Access Point, that’s it. Ok, lets move to the next step.

Open properties windows of your Mobile Broadband Connection or whatever it is that connect you to internet. Mine is Verizon Wireless – VZAccess.

Click Sharing tab, check “Allow other network users to connect to through bla…bla…bla…”

And Choose Wireless Network Connection 2 for Home Networking connection.

Share Internet Connection

If you’re not sure that your virtual access point is Wireless Network Connection 2, check it on the Network and Sharing Center.

Network and Sharing Center

Thada ! Now both connection have internet access.


If it still saying the same (No Internet Access), try to reconnect your internet devices or reshare it (uncheck “Allow other network users to connect to through bla…bla…bla…” and check it again).

Then, connect other laptop or your smartphone to the virtual access point, if you still can’t access internet manually set the IP of other laptop /smartphone.

Set IP Manually

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6 thoughts on “Share Internet Connection via Virtual Access Point in Windows 7

  1. fatin zalila says:

    sgt2 berguna tutorial ni. dah tak payah nak dwnload2 software, nak crack2 sume. THANKS A LOT!!!! ><

  2. Anurag says:

    Thanks a lot for the post….it saved my day 🙂

  3. CMP_ENG says:

    is there any way that i can share the connection via cmd?

  4. nox says:

    i dont want to put any key how do i do it?

  5. Shawn says:

    how to change the ssid after created


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